When I've created original images for an article at on online magazine, I like to publish the pictures here first.

Please read the whole article in Decoded Science. "The Pitfall that Conditional Probability is Not Commutative" continues a series by highlighting a pitfall for unwary mathematicians.

Three Original Images for Conditional Probability

Probability of the Intersection Sum of Two Dice", image by Mike DeHaan
First is the image showing the dice rolls that result in the sum of 9, 10, 11 or 12.

"Conditional Probability Given First Dice", image by Mike DeHaan
The second picture shows the condition that the first die comes up '4'. Note how few choices remain for scoring the total of 9-12.

"Conditional Probability Given the Sum", image by Mike DeHaan
Third comes the image illustrating the conditional probability of "Given that the total is indeed in the range of 9-12, what are the chances that the first die really was a '4' after all"?

Other Articles

Once the Decoded Science article is published, I will also promote it in DeHaan Services ("One Pitfall for Conditional Probability") and in my Xanga blog ("Take Care with Conditional Probability").

As I explain below in "An SEO Link Experiment Begins", I'm also providing one link to my reference material. In this situation, it happens that my only resource was "Conditional Probability" by Eric W Weisstein at MathWorld Wolfram.

Writing Tips

Regular readers will recognize these writing tips.

First, publish your original images where you along can claim copyright for them. Your blog is a good place!

Second, publish the caption with the image, such as my "image by Mike DeHaan".

Third, it's best to start the caption with key words you want to emphasize for your main article. Add the words "picture" or "image" to clarify that this reference is not a whole article, just another pretty picture. Finally, despite the way I do it, some wise people recommend that one omit the quotes ("). Personally, I prefer to use them, especially when the web editor does not handle italics or special fonts to set the caption apart from the main text.

An SEO Link Experiment Begins

Recently, I read some discussions about the SEO value of linking forward from one's own article to a trustworthy article on the same topic.

"SEO" means to "Search Engine Optimization", which is a group of techniques aimed at placing one's articles higher in search engine results for the desired keywords.

In the middle of January, 2012, the PageRank for my Blog of Writing here on Weebly is '3'. So is my DeHaan Services site.

However, the Wolfram Mathworld site has PageRank '8'.

PageRank is a number from zero to ten, as far as I know, that indicates how authoritative a site or article is...compared to everything else on the Internet. Higher numbers are better. New sites are "unranked".

The experiment is to add one high page-rank reference link to my promotional articles. Let's see whether I can find a difference in the number of page-views for my publicity articles, and especially for the online magazine articles that I'm promoting.

I will also go back to a few older promotional articles, just to speed up the process.

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