My latest Environmental Graffiti article is "The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid has Invaded the American North-East". This makes two articles about invasive species in a row for that site.
"Hemlock Woolly Adelgid on Hemlock Twigs" by hspauldi
However, this theme does seem to resonate with some of the readers at Environmental Graffiti. It's also an interesting, if tiny, insect...that does a lot of damage.

While I am, as always, cross-promoting this article in my DeHaan Services blog (at "Invasion of the Hemlock-Sucking Adelgid"), I also decided that I should devote part of a DeHaan Directory page, the "DeHaan Writing" page, to showcase the very latest article at each site.

A Repeated Writing Tip

I know that I'm repeating the previous writing tip, but it is worth repeating.

Writing Tip: Once you find a theme that you enjoy and your readers enjoy, develop that theme into a series of related articles.

The benefits include: developing your own knowledge; building your reputation in that field; and finding it easier to choose the next topic.

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