"Gene Stoltzfus Founding Director of Christian Peacemaker Teams" image by Philip E. Stoltzfus via Wikimedia Commons
My current Suite 101 article, "Introducing the Christian Peacemaker Teams Organization", deals with a pacifist group launched about a quarter-century ago by several Mennonite denominations. It now has a broader support base.

By the way, Christian Peacemaker Teams is not "conflicted" about their mission or methods. That's just my word play because they go to locations where there is tension or conflict.

Promoting my Introduction to Christian Peacemaker Teams

To no regular reader's surprise, both DeHaan Services ("Two Canadian Connections to Christian Peacemaker Teams") and my Xanga blog ("Pacifists Seeking Conflict: Christian Peacemaker Teams") also promote my introduction to Christian Peacemaker Teams.

One Non-Violent Writing Tip

This is a new and non-violent writing tip.

The end of my Suite 101 article cites several online references, and also notes that I updated the contents today. I know one of the authors of one reference article, and asked him to check it first. In this case, I knew that the reference material had left me a bit confused on a couple of details; and of course my article should be as accurate as possible.

It's not the first time that I've interviewed a primary source for clarification. I've certainly done it for Decoded Science.

The writing tip is: don't hesitate to ask a primary source to help out in various ways.
  • Confirm or comment before you begin writing.
  • Review your draft article for accuracy.
Even though Christian Peacemaker Teams would not attack me physically, it was still better for me to be as accurate as possible.

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