"Four-Ten Triangle of Canadian Pennies" by Mike DeHaan
Surely the Canadian government isn't trying to add to my costs of producing original pictures for articles such as "How to Change Triangular Numbers into Square Numbers.

The real reasons are revealed in my latest public service announcement, "Understanding Why the Canadian Penny Dropped",in DeHaan Services.

I include a summary of the guidelines from the Canadian Mint, so we know what to do when the grocer doesn't hand over exact change.

A One-Cent Writing Tip

This topic is a perfect example of "write what you know", except it's really "write what you really wanted to know but wasn't explained clearly".

When "no more pennies in Canada!" hit the news, my first thought was "What about that jar of pennies"? Once I did the research, it was an obvious topic for my blog.

This 1-cent writing tip repeats what I've said before. Write about what you need to know. Follow your interests, both for the sake of authenticity and also, especially, because what you need is what some other people need too.

Although Canadians should not need physical one cent coins in our bright new future, everyone still will need some wisdom

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