Whenever I publish an original image in another person's web site, I first put a preview image here, to establish copyright.

This picture of incomprehensible math is part of an upcoming article for Decoded Science.

Levy Distribution using Fourier Transform image by Mike DeHaan
The article is "T Cells, Predators and Finances all Walk the Levy Walk".

I was amazed to learn that those three very different entities are related by the statistical Lévy distribution.

Fortunately, my article makes it a lot clearer than you might expect from this publicity blog.

Publicity for my Lévy Walk Article

As always, I also promote my article  in my Xanga blog ("3 Strangers Who Walk the Levy Walk").

Normally, I also use my in DeHaan Services site, but that's been delayed with posts about festivals in Toronto in June 2012. More accurately, four start on the June 9-10 weekend. My "events" articles are:

However, on June 5th, I finally added "A Trio Take the Levy Walk" to DeHaan Services.

2 Writing Tips from my Lévy Walk Article

I don't like to spill that bean before the article goes live, but the second writing tip actually has to do with the above image.

The first writing tip is for Weebly, based on a problem. I just had a terrible time trying to copy and paste from one "Title" element to another. My guess is that it copied the HTML tags for starting and ending the title. The solution was to copy and paste into a Notepad.txt file, and then cut and paste the plain text. All that work was needed to copy a simple acute accent over an 'é'!

The second writing tip solves a problem I encountered when making the image. Note the letter 'β' ("beta"), the second-last letter in the equation. It is an exponent of "-N|k|", which itself is an exponent. So the 'β' is supposed to be higher up than "N|k|", which is higher than the 'e'.

It's easy to put the letters and symbols into a Word document, and to create one layer of superscripts for the exponent. But I could not think how to get the 'β' any higher.

As always, I took a screenprint of what I had, pasted it into a Paint document, and cropped most of the image away.

To my surprise, the Paint program allowed me to pull the 'β' element up after I put the "select" tool over it! That solved my problem, and gave me the longest writing tip to date in my Blog of Writing.

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