"Mennonite Hymnal and Song Books" by Mike DeHaan.
It never rains but it pours. Today's forecast...no, make it a post-cast...calls for heavy image copyright posting here at my Blog of Writing.

Sorry, this is my second incomplete draft post of the day. Normally I only write one post per day, and I prefer them to be complete.

This is also began as a remarkably large image! Fortunately the "resize" tool works.

Publicity for my first Mennonite Music Article

Once this article is published, I also will promote it in DeHaan Services () and in my Xanga blog ().

One Writing Tip about Images for Weebly

Not too long ago, Weebly introduced a "drag" feature for the image loading tool.

The old method required the writer to "browse" through images from a pop-up directory listing.

This was especially annoying because the Weebly editor, or possibly the web browser, remembers the latest folder from which you copied an image. If you work from different folders, it's a nuisance to navigate the folder listings. If you kill the cookie that remembers where you were, your starting position

My writing tip is to use the "drag" feature, especially if you've already opened that folder list to decide which image you want to include.

You already have the right folder open. You already see the image, if you're using a "large icon preview" view.

You certainly don't see a preview of the picture from the Weebly file list.

So, make your life a lot easier. Even if WordPress or Blogger force you to browse a list of file names and navigate your own directory structures, enjoy the simplified Weebly "drag your image" feature.

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    Flexible Sidebar

    Weebly's "Blog Author" widget from the Blog Sidebar's Elements menu provides a lot of flexibility. You can change both the title and the text.

    It has all the capabilities for text editing that you find in most Weebly text widgets.

    At this point, I don't see a way to code any HTML in this widget.

    The "Picture" does what you expect: it displays an image of your choice. I just added my home-made picture of "Copyright DeHaan Services 2013" as the top element in this sidebar on Jan. 22, 2013.

    The "Search Box" is a "Pro" feature; if you're paying for Weebly hosting, it may be worthwhile.

    The other widgets are pre-programmed to do what they say.

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