"Calculate Velocity while Falling" : image by Mike DeHaan
Once again we preview some images that I made for Decoded Science.

"Calculate Impact G Forces while Crashing" : image by Mike DeHaan
We published "Mythbusters Math to Compute G Forces from Falling in Bubble Wrap" on March 17.

This article simplifies the math that computes the g forces that "killed" Buster the crash test dummy when he fell, despite being protected by bubble wrap.

"Simplified Calculation of G Forces from Falling" : image by Mike DeHaan
As always, my reason for pre-publishing these original images in my Blog of Writing is to stake my claim to copyright and authorship.

DeHaan Services also publicizes this article in "Bubble Wrap and Mythbuster Math versus G Forces", which adds a bit of Canadian content for finding bubble wrap in Canada.

I also learned about using an "HTML entry edit" in WordPress for superscripts, such as x<sup>2</sup> = x^2 = "x squared"; and subscripts like a<sub>j</sub> = a[j] for the "j-th version of 'a' in a list".

That didn't look good. Let's try it the right way in the next section.

Custom HTML Supports Superscripts and Subscripts

In Weebly, you have to use a "Custom HTML" form from the "More/Miscellaneous" menu. Superscript: x2 = x^2 = "x squared". Subscript: aj = a[j] for the "j-th version of 'a' in a list". Of course, you lose the ability to bring bold, italic or coloured text from the menu bar once you use a "custom HTML" form in Weebly.

One Writing Tip with Impact

Although my DS article uses the word "impact" in a hurtful manner, the impact of this writing tip should be beneficial.

I'd had some success with the Mythbusters episode, "It Would Take a Titanic Raft of Flotsam to Float Two Actors".

I'd also been very curious about the gravity of falling in bubble wrap. Surely there was a simpler way to calculate the g forces of impact than to work through the time to fall and distance to crush the padding?

My research and equation simplification paid off in this article. The mathematics is fairly easy, and the final equation almost trivial.

The Mythbusters instinct was correct, by the way: they needed something better than mere layers of bubble wrap to reduce the g forces of falling.

My writing tip is to pursue your interests in choosing topics.

It did take me a bit of work and research to be sure I had the right equations at the start, and that the simplifications were correct.

Still, I'm very satisfied that there are simple ways to calculate the best case for reducing g forces on impact.

As a writer, my hope is that others find it useful, too. Regardless, I'm satisfied that I answered my own question and could share it with others.

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