Picture"Simple Graph of One Cone" : image by Mike DeHaan
Decoded Science published my "Hypatia Taught Conic Sections and Diophantine Equations" this morning (Oct. 17, 2013).

This Weebly blog post features two images that I created for that article about the math used by Hypatia, a Greek philosopher who lived in the early Christian era. She's famous for being the earliest female mathematician, and also for her rather gruesome demise.

As it turns out, I did not use the above image for my Hypatia article.

Picture"Pythagorean Equation and Fermat's Last Theorem" : image by Mike DeHaan
As I've noted in some other posts, my reason for publishing my home-made images in a blog belonging to me is simply to establish copyright.

Decoded Science has begun a policy of linking each image in their articles to the online source. So I've earned a free link to this page by pre-publishing my image. Sweet.

An Image for my Next Article, on Statistics

My apologies for throwing in my image for my next article, too, but I'm simply under a huge deadline for "Interpreting One Report of Statistics on Science Comprehension". My editor wanted a quick analysis of an article based on a Yale professor's report on comparing Tea Party-ers versus folk of other political stripes. Can we draw a conclusion from his data, and how "significant" is that conclusion?

By promoting this article in DeHaan Services, I also ask the question, "Did Anyone Measure Science Comprehension in Canadian Politics?"

Another Future Article on Turing Machines

Picture"The Enemy of the Predictive Turing Machine" by Mike DeHaan
(Added Oct. 28, 2013): Another day, another apology for yet another self-made image which someday should grace a Decoded Science article. Sorry to post and run, but sometimes one must make haste.

(Updated Oct. 29, 2013): I should write a separate promotional piece for "Free Will, Determinism and Turing's Halting Problem" since I've already thought of the right writing tip. But just now it's late, "and there are wolves".

One Inspirational Writing Tip

I was inspired to write my Hypatia article because of an article about her in a sister online magazine, Decoded Past. (I linked to that other article from my Decoded Science article, so you can read it too).

Today's writing tip is to take your inspiration where you find it.

I've said something similar about keeping your eyes open for topics before. But unless you generate an inexhaustible supply of concepts and ideas on your own, you will need to actively seek and find inspiration from what others write, say or do.

In this particular case, I noticed that the Decoded Past article mentioned Hypatia's math, but didn't say anything about what she actually studied or taught. Since that was right up my alley, I stepped up and delivered.

You can do the same when you find something that interests you and touches near your own writing niche. Find that inspiration, figure out what the first writer missed that you can supply, and "just do it". Just enhance your karma with a link back to your inspiration article; that author deserves it.

Thanks for reading about my process for writing about the math of Hypatia of Alexandria.

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