"First Circle in a Square" : image by Mike DeHaan
Once again we present a series of home-made images to establish copyright prior to publication as "The Circled Square Math Problem Claims Pi Equals Four".

"Isosceles Triangles in a Circle" : image by Mike DeHaan
Observant readers have noticed the grey areas in this image. I should have done that in the first picture, before making a copy and adding other details.

Perhaps this preview article might be considered a photoessay.

"Diameter of a Circle in the Perimeter of a Square" : image by Mike DeHaan
However, there might not be enough text to count as an essay.

"Begin Collapsing the Square toward the Circle" : image by Mike DeHaan
Here we begin to collapse the square towards the circle.

"The Square Collapses Further toward the Circle" : image by Mike DeHaan
"Oh, the humanity!", as the square continues collapsing toward the circle.

"The Square Collapses Again" : image by Mike DeHaan
This is the final image in that series.

In DeHaan Services, "One Math Problem for Pi when a Square Becomes a Circle" adds a link to a list of Canadian universities offering mathematics degrees, as well as notes for teachers and students and teachers to shop online for bargain textbooks, teaching supplements or reference materials. One example is Pearson Prentice Hall, justly famous for the "PH school math textbook" line, for various grades.

"Calculate PI from a Perimeter using the Sine Function" : image by Mike DeHaan
Actually I'm more comfortable making images of spreadsheets than of geometric patterns.

One Square Writing Tip about Planning a Series of Images

My square writing tip for today deals with constructing a sequence of images.

Let's start with my mistake. As I made the third or fourth image of the circle inside the square, I realized that the area between the circle and the square should have been grey.

I had filled the whole square with yellow. But that area really needed to be different.

Surprisingly, the Microsoft Paint program couldn't fill the area with the new colour. I had to add the grey colour with rectangles and thick lines...to each image.

I'm not sure whether this was a longer task than going back to the first image and re-building the others from it. However, it was painful and tedious.

My writing tip is to plan your series of images. Review the first image "critically", and also the second.

Carpenters say "measure twice and cut once". I'm not sure what artists say, but my advice is to plan and review before building a series of images.

That may be a square writing tip, but it could save you from working in circles.

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