Edit Cycles

This past weekend, I wrote and submitted an article to Environmental Graffiti (EG) and another to Suite 101.EG has always deferred publishing, pending an editor's approval.

In response to the Feb. 24 change in Google's search algorithm (called "farmer" or "Panda"...don't ask here; research it yourself), Suite 101 also decided to insert an editor into the process. I applaud the intention to improve quality, but I do notice that I am anxiously waiting for news.

Will my article be published without flags? Will it be bounced back for revisions?

When any article is published, my next step is to publicize it at social bookmark sites and, of course, in my blogs. I find myself inhibited from getting on with other work until this is resolved.

Patience is a virtue.
Possess it if you can.
Seldom found in woman.
And never found in man.

Thank you to the anonymous author of the above poem.

'Image of Large Periwinkle (Vinca major)' by Franco Folini
Now Published: My Periwinkle Flower Article

Much to my joy, The Periwinkle: A Welcome Invasive Plant has been published this afternoon.

Although rightly called an "invasive" plant, the Periwinkle was politely introduced to North America by European settlers. Was it the blue flower? The excellent evergreen ground cover? Or the mystic powers the Periwinkle plant was believed to possess?

The only way to know is to read my article.

Mike DeHaan
News from Squidoo

Much to my surprise, my Squidoo dashboard says that I have "an estimated $0.52 in your Reserve Hopper".

I have had so few visits, I cannot imagine that anyone has done anything to earn me a dividend.

Presumably someone bought something via an Amazon link...or perhaps clicked on some other advertisement.

"Whoo-hoo and ca-ching", he said in a tone dripping with irony. On the other hand, maybe I should start making new Lenses to push the new articles that have not yet been published.

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