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For the second year in a row, I've adopted a thematic approach to covering the Toronto Doors Open event in DeHaan Services.

This year, "2013 Doors Open Toronto Opens New Doors and Spaces" covers "new" rather than "returning from previous years". I even had to cull that crop severely, since well over one hundred venues welcome visitors behind the scenes on that weekend each year.

One Writing Tip for a Theme

Today's one writing tip is very simple.

Choose a theme and stick to it.

That's especially important when your material threatens to overwhelm you.

In an article such as mine, where I'm drawing attention to a large event with many possibilities, there is no reason to list everything. Besides, that's what the official site does.

Instead, be a curator who selects and presents a bite-sized tidbit of information. Make that useful, informative and interesting.

Be sure to support your reader in digging deeper into the background material, but don't repeat everything they provide.

Check my article about Toronto Doors Open 2013. Even my selections needed sub-headings to organize the material.

Yes, if you're writing the definitive and comprehensive guide to the universe, you'll have to write a bit more. For most everyday articles, find an

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