"One Diwali Candle for the Festival of Lights" image by denharsh (Harsh Agrawal)
Based on the Hindu lunar calendar, the date for Diwali floats through October, November and December in the western Gregorian calendar.

Therefore "when is Diwali?" is a remarkably popular search item.

But to answer that question in DeHaan Services, I had to include a "Toronto angle" in "Must Toronto Ask When is Diwali in 2012?".

Promoting my Diwali Article

As always, my Xanga blog ("Publicity before Toronto Diwali 2012") publicizes my article, too.

My Writing Tip for Diwali

Actually, this writing tip can be appropriate at any time.

Because I was so surprised that the world asks "when is Diwali?", I did some quick research to check on other religious observances that depend on various lunar calendars.

By putting just a touch of that research into my article about Diwali, readers can learn a bit about different cultures and religions. More importantly, this demonstrates that many groups have similar challenges in maintaining their cultural or religious heritage.

From a purely selfish standpoint, it may attract a few more readers, if anyone searches for "Jainism", "Judaism" and "Easter" (for example) in one query!

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