Picture"Toronto Mayor Rob Ford campaigns with puppet in 2010" image by Shaun Merritt
Both Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and DeHaan Fitness take a new approach to the mayor's goal of losing weight...and how I cover his new attempt in "Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Avoids SMART Goal for Fitness".

I'd covered his 2012 "Cut the Waist" contest against his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, in "Weight Loss Risks for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford" and "Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Ends One Cut the Waist Challenge".

Things are different in Nov. 2013 than they were in January of 2012. So my new online article takes a new approach as well.

I've also publicized this article in "One SMART Goal for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is Fitness"

One Writing Tip is Take a New Approach

People sometimes quote Albert Einstein as saying that "Insanity is trying the same things and expecting a different result".

Just as Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is taking a new approach to his quest to improve his health and fitness by losing weight and exercising, so too did I analyze his attempt in a different way.

This writing tip presents a few practical ways to approach your "same old" topic in new ways, by comparing and contrasting two or more examples.

This was Mayor Ford's second weight loss attempt in public:

  • How did his approach differ?
    What is he doing the same as before?
    Are more people involved?
    Did it start the same way? 
    Are there more or fewer props?
    Are there new reasons or motives?
    Are the stakes higher?

Your new article might have different things to compare; explore them.

Just remember that your readers need to invest their emotional energy in these contrasts. Keep them guessing; take a poll; or simply present the differences as options that they can second-guess.

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