Please don't be shocked to learn that people are more likely to succeed if they are highly motivated. At least, that's true for people with diet or exercise goals.

The useful bit of information from one of the studies I summarized in "Motivation is a Key Factor for Fitness or Weight Control" is how to succeed when that enthusiasm wanes.

"Highly Motivated Runners in the Rome Marathon 2010" by Giulio Menna
Enthusiasm waxes and wanes throughout a project. The big trick is to use your initial enthusiasm to set yourself up for success, even when the going gets tough.

As always, I shamelessly self-promote both in DeHaan Services ("Diet and Fitness without Sustained Motivation") and in my Xanga blog ("Diet Success without High Motivation?").

Writing Tip

Today's writing tip is that the same technique for long-term success in writing is the same as for diet or fitness. Just check the DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control article for the "secret"; and translate from "diet" to "writing career".

Yes, you still can succeed even if your motivation had ebbed.

2/28/2012 01:22:36 pm

Thank you for this tips, I hope I could apply this next time for myself. :D


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