"Beach Studio Tour" image modified by Mike DeHaan from Beach Studio Tour web site
Since the Beach Studio Tour uses more than a dozen scattered venues, my "A Wide-Ranging Fall 2012 Beach Studio Tour in Toronto" could not name them all, let alone provide directions.

Since the official site offers a variety of maps anyway, I decided that DeHaan Services would add value to the readers simply by making them aware of it, and guiding them to some easy ways to make the most of that site.

Promoting the 2012 Beach Studio Tour Article

As always, I also promote my article in my Xanga blog ("An Autumn 2012 Beach Studio Tour in Toronto").

Two Reliable Writing Tips

Allow me to double-down with a pair of writing tips.

First, it was clear that my usual "mark up a map" image would be utterly useless. The Beach Studio Tour covers quite a large territory, so my map would not be as helpful as the one provided in the brochure. The official site even has a map for each venue...something that I was certainly not about to replicate.

Their site does have a couple tricky navigation points, however, so I decided to copy part of the image and highlight one trick that wasn't obvious.

The first writing tip is to find something helpful and useful for your reader.

Second, I had initially forgotten to put a border around my image. I think I'd suggested this before, to help your picture stand out on your web page. It's especially important if the image's background colour is too close to the web site's background.

This image truly faded, or "bled", into the DeHaan Services background. A few moments and a solid border later, the image was improved.

Remember that some picture licenses, whether from Creative Commons or elsewhere, may forbid you from making any alterations. Other specifically permit changes. Follow the rules!

So the second writing tip is to ensure your image stands out from the background of your site. If the license permits you to add a border, strongly consider doing so. Some pictures don't need this treatment, if they have their own border or have strong colours throughout.

Just be sure to give your reader something of value, even if you have to make an "artistic" border for a plain work-horse image. That's what I tried to do in writing about the 2012 Fall Beach Studio Tour in Toronto.

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