Only in rare circumstances do I write articles on similar themes in both Suite 101 and also in my DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control blog.

Yes, today is such a "double day".

"The Allure of Clenbuterol for Athletes, Farmers and Dieters" covers the ground most thoroughly, and provides all the reference links that I used.

"Diet Risks with Clenbuterol" puts its focus on weight loss.

In both cases, my advice is to stay away from this drug. But why do athletes use it? Or dieters? Or farmers?

"Dairy Cattle near Chimney Rock", image by Jim Bahn
Please read the articles linked above to learn why.

But even these dairy cattle are not allowed to be treated with clenbuterol for its intended use.

More Clenbuterol Publicity

As always, I also publicized my articles in DeHaan Services ("Clenbuterol is a Risk for Athletes, Dieters and Farmers") and in my Xanga blog ("Why Would an Athlete or Dieter take Clenbuterol?").

Writing Tip

This writing tip deals with simultaneous articles in different sites.

First, never just duplicate the contents. In this particular case, my Suite 101 article has a lot more details and covers broader territory.

Second, if it makes sense for your different audiences, write the second article. People should read my Fitness and Weight Loss blog based on that interest, so I narrowed the focus. People may also read Suite 101 for health and fitness news, but also because they want to dig deeper than what most blogs provide.

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