"Chinese New Year Shopping in Toronto" image by Andrew Currie
Chinese New Year uses the Chinese Lunar calendar, so their New Year's Day floats across the Gregorian calendar used by the Western world.

Every year, people search for answers to questions such as "When will we celebrate Chinese New Year's Day".

So I wrote "Celebrate the 2013 Chinese New Year in Toronto on a Budget" to answer those questions and also stay within my DeHaan Services topic of interesting but frugal annual Toronto events.

One Lunar Calendar Writing Tip

While I'd already discussed the lunar calendar in other articles, such as "Why Must Toronto Ask When is Diwali in 2012?", it's still an ongoing topic.

My solitary writing tip for the lunar calendar, as well as other recurring topics, has three parts:

  1. Cover the topic, such as the Gregorian and Lunar calendars, thoroughly in one article to which you can refer from your other blog posts or online magazines. Include links to authoritative reference articles if at all possible.
  2. If the topic pops up again, give a brief introductory explanation.
  3. Then link to the more complete topic article.

This should be a familiar process, because you can use it with authoritative articles that you had not written. Explain the topic briefly, in your own words, then link to the trustworthy reference article.

The only difference is that you can refer to yourself as a minor authority once you've written a good explanation the first time. While I'm not an authority on the lunar new year, I think my explanation for the way Diwali drifts through the Gregorian calendar is equally useful for the Chinese New Year.

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