My latest Decoded Science article, "Introducing Probability Theory without Statistics", begins a series about the mathematics of probability.

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Future articles will include paradoxes and, perhaps, puzzles from the field of probability, as well as explaining more of the theory.

As always, I also promote my article through my DeHaan Services site. "The Start of a Probability Series" also explains more of my overall business model.

Writing Tips

Regular readers might guess that I'm extolling the virtues of writing a series of articles.

But my first, tiny writing tip #1 says: I love this image because it is so simple, with great contrast between the shaded green background and powerful foreground.

This larger writing tip #2 should be helpful because it meets so many needs. Here I'll list some specifics, leaving it to the reader to generalize for your own situation.

First, as Decoded Science is attracting more good writers, the 'math' category is beginning to attract more contributions. This way, I have a niche for a while.

Second, there are some good specific probability situations; but the subject needs to start with a base. My previous article in this genre, "Solve the Monty Hall Problem using Logic and Mathematics", was good but isolated.

Third, a small site can benefit from cross-links; and nothing says "cross-links" like a series of articles where each points to the first and next in the series. At this instant, Decoded Science has 271 posts. That's small enough for a little series such as mine to make a positive contribution.

Finally, as a writer, it does make my life easier to know that I'm going to work on a series of articles rather than seeking "inspiration" on a regular basis.

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