While Arnica has a long history as a natural remedy, my article "Arnica has a Controversial Place in Natural Medicine" in Suite 101 points out some concerns.

"Image of Arnica in a Field" by Frank.Vassen

Although Arnica gel (or cream, etc.) is considered safe when applied to unbroken skin, why are oral homeopathic treatments containing Arnica treated with concern? Are there health risks or side effects?

This article is an example of "research once, write twice". I started the research on Arnica with the plan of writing about the plant, pictured above, for Environmental Graffiti. (I did so, and hope to publicize it early next week when that article is published). But I also wanted to highlight the fascinating controversy over this plant as a health topic, which is more suited to Suite 101.

By the way, this was published sometime on Saturday. By Sunday afternoon, it had been read several times, with no "search" results shown. That leads me to believe people were reading Suite 101 as a magazine, rather than searching for a specific piece of information. That echoes a pattern I have recently noticed at Environmental Graffiti, also.

Tip: If the topic begins to branch out, consider writing separate articles. Each article needs its own focus. Sometimes they belong in a series in one publication; sometimes each needs to go its own way.

"Heartleaf Arnica in Montana" by photogramma1

The sister article was published on Monday in Environmental Graffiti. "Arnica: The Medicinal Flower Mired in Controversy" was intended to focus on the plant itself, rather than to dwell upon the risks and benefits of using it as a natural herbal remedy.

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