I was inspired to launch my latest Environmental Graffiti article, "What Makes James Cameron's Mariana Trench Exploration So Special?", by an infographic that they didn't want to include and that would not render well in the confines of the Weebly platform.

You may see the original infographic by checking my publicity articles listed in a later section.

"Harlequin Tuskfish Choerodon fasciatus" by OpenCage
This tuskfish does not represent the depths of the Mariana Trench, but he's handsome and eye-catching.

The article itself gives some of the reasons why it's important for us to continue and enhance our exploration of the deep oceans.

Publicity for my Mariana Trench Article

As always, both DeHaan Services ("Exploring Cameron's Mariana Trench Exploration") and my Xanga blog ("Deep Sea Exploration with James Cameron") provide publicity for my article.

Each embeds the inspirational infographic!

A Deep Writing Tip

This Environmental Graffiti article surprised me in several ways.

  • The infographic was a gift from Meika Jensen, who had read some other article that I had written.
  • I had never written an article based on an infographic, so it sat in my in-basket for some time.
  • Environmental Graffiti ran a couple of infographic articles, so I thought this would be "the" place for the Mariana Trench item.
  • My editor there asked me to write my usual type of article, rather than lean on the infographic. "Ok", I replied, although I thought it would be a rather "shallow" article about a "deep" subject. After all, James Cameron did not share a lot of free-to-use images from his dive: he probably wants to make his own movie and become even richer.
  • In less than an hour after I started promoting my article, I've had some positive feedback on Facebook.
This writing tip is a longer version of what I've said before: stay open to ideas for articles, and use them appropriately.

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