Picture"Security Poster at Toronto Nuit Blanche 2008" image by Dan Dickinson (ltdan)
"My Pick for 2013 Nuit Blanche Toronto" provides my personal choice from among many intriguing art installations that will grace various locations in Toronto early in October.

This DeHaan Services article also points to the official Nuit Blanche Scotiabank web site, since my blog could not possible cover everything that their publicists provided.

Selecting One Writing Tip

I've already hinted at today's writing tip. Can you guess what it is?

It's one answer to the problem, "How do I write a brief article about a huge subject"?

Sometimes you just have to write a series of articles. I've done that in Decoded Science, for example, with a series of three articles on Euclidean geometry. (Start with "Euclid Laid the Foundations of Geometry", and follow the links that should be at the end of each installment).

My Toronto Nuit Blanche 2013 article gave an extremely brief overview, but then dove into exactly one detail. Because the title states that it presents "my pick", that should not disappoint the reader. The article "does what it says on the label" by putting the focus on one detail among many.

So this is actually a double writing tip. Sometimes deal with a large topic by zooming into one detail; but the title must make clear that you will deliver only that detail.

Thanks for reading about the upcoming Nuit Blanche Scotiabank in Tor

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