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Whether in spite of, or because of, the lack of official public ceremonies to celebrate 2012 Kwanzaa in Toronto, I wrote "Try Skating at Harbourfront for 2012 Kwanzaa in Toronto" in DeHaan Services today.

Trust me, there's a good reason for that venue.

I'm so confident, I even publicized the article in my Xanga blog ("Why Not Skate to Celebrate Kwanzaa?").

One Icy Writing Tip

Today's icy writing tip is a two-edged sword.

First, I did feel rather desperate to write something about Kwanzaa. I'd covered Hanukkah, Diwali and Christmas. I did not want to omit this celebration of African heritage simply because there were no public events in Toronto for 2012.

In fact, it may be all the more important to write about something where there's a void.

As you'll see in my article, there was a tie-in with an art exhibition at Harbourfront. So it made some sense to recommend that people go there during Kwanzaa week.

I'd also been meaning to publicize public skating in Toronto's outdoor rinks. However, there are too many to write much about each; and the best coverage is in an existing web site. So it would be hard to make a decent article strictly about skating opportunities.

So the double-edged icy writing tip for situations where you cannot find references that make sense, is to find some relationship to what you do find. It's guaranteed that I have the most recent article about "Kwanzaa in Toronto" because no-one else wrote about it (except for the group that held a teaching session a few weeks earlier). It fills the gap for people who wanted to know about the topic...even if the main message is "no-one really covers this topic".

The second edge of the writing tip is to find ways to include useful material that won't fill a whole article. At the very worst, write a "Ten Tiny Tips" article with the material that wouldn't be used in separate posts.

At this point, I'm curious how many people actually will celebrate 2012 Kwanzaa in Toronto by skating at Harbourfront. Would you skate to

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