"Winter Running Shirt and Gloves" image by Mike DeHaan
Running in winter means you need the right sports apparel for cold weather. Even if you have the wardrobe, you need to know what to wear for the current weather conditions.

My "Four Sports Clothing Tips for Winter Running Gear", in DeHaan Fitness, offers a guide to the right types of sports clothing for running in the winter. It also discusses layering, and ends with an example of how I choose what to wear depending on the weather in Toronto.

Naturally, both DeHaan Services ("Sports Clothing as Important Winter Running Gear") and my Xanga blog ("To Run in Winter, Wear Appropriate Sports Apparel") also publicize my article.

Warm Up with this Writing Tip from Winter Running Wear

Today's writing tip is short, and hopefully won't "leave you cold".

Three thoughts were in my mind yesterday:
  1. I must go out for a quick training run.
  2. It's about time to write a DeHaan Fitness article.
  3. Should I wear anything different today, based on the weather conditions?

It didn't take long for that combination to inspire the topic for the article. I then took a few pictures of what I did, and didn't, choose to wear. I wrote the article after finishing my run.

This writing tip is pretty familiar to regular readers: take inspiration from what you're doing, and what happens nearby.

In this case, I was already very famliar with the subject matter. (I've been running over a dozen years, and listened to quite a few Running Room "clothing talks" in the various seasons). I still did some research, but there weren't too many surprises.

What are your skills and areas of knowledge? What hobbies or sports fill your life? Write about what you know; write about what you do. That's today's writing tip. For me, the inspiration yesterday came from deciding whether or not to wear my gloves for a short training run in

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