My latest, and perhaps bravest, article for Suite 101 is "Will Head Concussion Injuries Kill NHL Hockey?"
"NHL Pittsburgh Penguins 87 Crosby" by anthony shao
Concussion injuries have been prominent in hockey news, especially with Sidney Crosby sidelined for so long.

That's why the picture is his empty jersey rather than his smiling face.

As always, I also promote my article in DeHaan Services, although "Does the NHL Risk Death by Head Concussion?" does not have a writing tip.

Writing Tip

Today's writing tip concerns inspiration.

The Suite 101 topic editor for ice hockey invited anyone to write about Canada's national pass-time. (Trivia alert: Lacrosse is our national sports game).

Anyway, I had never considered writing about hockey, but another remark in that discussion thread mentioned injuries. That reminded me of the problem with concussions and long-term injuries for some of the best, and some of the also-ran, professional hockey players.

Voila: inspiration from a couple of thoughts triggered by casual reading. Your writing tip is to find inspiration by simply keeping an open mind and linking ideas as they float through.

Bonus Writing Tip

Today I learned how, in a WordPress blog (or any that allow you to edit in HTML), to make superscript and subscript text. Just_ enclose "script" in the HTML tags <sup> + </sup> or <sub> + </sub> when editing the text in the "HTML" editor.

Is this possible in Weebly?
This is a "custom HTML" element in Weebly, dragged from the "elements" and "more" (in the left-hand vertical menu at the top). Here comes superscript and subscript. Although it works, it seems awkward since it removes access to the usual style menu with its bold/italic and colour selections.

I just discovered a similar approach in Xanga; please refer to "How Will the NHL Adapt to Head Concussion Injuries?".
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