My latest article, published today in Decoded Science, is "A Quick Explanation of Mathematical Induction".

It begins with toppling a row of dominos.

"Giant Domino Cascade" by zigazou76
Just what is "mathematical induction"? If you simply want to know, just read my article noted above.

Of course, I also promoted this article in my DeHaan Services blog. Please see "Mathematical Induction Compared to a Row of Dominos".

Writing Tips

The First, Lengthy Tip

After writing most of the technical information, I realized that I needed two things to make it a properly complete article: images and a "hook" idea.

At first I wanted to talk about a mathematician who had used this technique, but could not find both a reference and an image available for commercial reuse.

Then I found an article (one of the references listed in my article) that used the domino comparison. As well, zigazou76's image of large concrete dominos, ready to topple in a cascade, made a wonderful visual impact.

The Second, Quick Tip

Finally, in my Facebook self-promotional post, I asked my friends to complete the sentence "Mathematical induction is like a row of dominos..." as Forrest Gump would.

Social marketing works best by inviting interaction, collaboration and long as you don't have enemies who would usurp your grand designs.

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