"Image of Sarcoptes scabei, the Adult Scabies Mite" by Kalumet
The scabies mite is very tiny, but can cause the seriously itchy skin condition also called "scabies".

My latest Suite 101 article, "All about Scabies, the Mite and the Condition", introduces this arthropod, the skin condition, and discusses cures for scabies.

As always, my DeHaan Services blog ("Itching for a Cure for Scabies") also publicizes this article.

One Pest-Free Writing Tip about Scabies

My Suite 101 article does something that I truly enjoy.

It brings together a health condition, the cause of that condition, and some third aspect that does not get much notice.

In this case, it's easy to find mainstream medical discussion about scabies. There are lots of articles about the scabies mite. But only completely separate sites sell natural scabies cures.

My writing tip is to appeal to readers by touching several aspects of a topic. In this case, a reader who wants natural scabies treatments is unlikely to look for the regular medical or scientific viewpoint. Likewise, most will not realize that one of the standard scabies cures really is herbal medicine.

So the writing tip is to do enough research that you can open new doors to readers who expected a very quick peek into just one room. In my case, read the Suite 101 article to learn almost all about scabies.

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