On Jan. 12, 2012, I achieved the rare feat of publishing three articles, at three sites, with different views of the same underlying subject: Rhodiola rosea.

"Colony of Rhodiola rosea in Eurasia", image by peganum
_Rhodiola rosea is an herb of the Northern hemisphere.

_ Rhodiola rosea in Environmental Graffiti

__"Rhodiola: The Northern Hemisphere's Favorite Medicinal Herb" puts the focus on the plant, and its known history as food and folk medicine. The article touches lightly on modern uses.

_Rhodiola rosea in Suite 101

_"Rhodiola rosea Might Have a Future in Alternative Medicine" takes the more modern approach, but is informed by the folk medicine and herblore of the past.

_Rhodiola rosea in DeHaan Fitness

_"Caution about Using Rhodiola  to Enhance Sports Performance" is hosted on the site that truly started the action.

A reader had asked recommended Rhodiola as a product, in a comment on another article. Although I had permitted the comment, I also noted that I could not endorse what I had not researched. When the reader asked me to do so, I was flattered and followed up.

Writing Tip

Here is a double writing tip.

First, be open to suggestions from readers.

Second, do your own research anyway.

Publicity for my Rhodiola rosea Articles

As always, I also promote my articles...yes, all three...in my DeHaan Services site ("Triple Coverage for Rhodiola rosea") and in my Xanga blog ("Rhodiola rosea in Triplicate").

(Updated 2012-01-17) As noted in a later article, I will include a link to one article that I used for reference.

EBSCO Publishing, NY University Langone Medical center, "Rhodiola rosea: Principal Proposed Uses; Other Proposed Uses"
5/13/2012 12:46:46 pm

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