My latest DeHaan Services article about summer Toronto events concerns the "Multi-Faceted Toronto Festival of India in July 2012".

"Festival of India Parade in 2009" image by Loozrboy
Rooted in a parade celebrating Lord Krishna, the Festival of India in Toronto includes both the procession down Yonge Street and two afternoons of vegetarian picnics on Centre Island.

The organizers pack a lot into the festivities!

Publicity for my 2012 Festival of India Article

In Squidoo, "The DeHaan Lens of Annual Toronto Events" is my ongoing list of recurring festivals and gatherings in Toronto that I find interesting and worthwhile.

As always, my Xanga blog ("Parade and Picnics for the Toronto Festival of India 2012") also provides publicity for my article.

A Writing Tip from the Festival of India Article

Today's writing tip repeats one that I haven't mentioned for some time.

I'm quite sure that I had read about the Toronto India Festival a year or two ago. Yet, when planning my articles for annual Toronto events, this festival did not jump out of my research efforts.

I noticed it because of a newspaper advertisement.

The writing tip is to keep your eyes open for news or new angles on whatever your writing subjects might be. You're probably reading or viewing material that interests you and that you write about. Keep asking yourself, "How could I improve that bit of information make it into my very own article"?

That's what I did for my latest Toronto summer events article on the Festival of India.

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