With a sense of civic duty, I penned "Quiet Pride in Physics Breakthrough at University of Toronto" for my DeHaan Services site.

Actually, the team was recognized by Physics World for making the "top physics breakthrough of the year".

Who made what breakthrough? Read the article to learn!

"Double Slit Experiment" by cibomahto. The image was NOT taken at UofT, as far as I know. But it illustrates the interference pattern.
Toronto news from the wider world is often worth repeating and explaining for the local audience.

Not everyone can bend Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

Writing Tip

Unfortunately, today's writing tip is not a breakthrough, but it does bear repeating.

Watch or read the news, dig into the stories that catch your attention, and then report with something valuable.

In this case, the science media did not play up the Toronto angle; and I have yet to check whether this was reported locally for the "civic pride" angle.
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