I recently seized the opportunity to publicize an older Suite 101 article from my DeHaan Services site.

"Use Mosquito Repellent to Avoid the West Nile Virus" adds links to several recent news articles to emphasize the value of my original 2010 article, "The West Nile Virus Triangle: Mosquitos, Crows and People".
"Culex pipiens Mosquito Biting a Finger" by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention via fairfaxcounty (Fairfax County)
This handsome picture of a Culex pipiens mosquito was found specifically for my new DeHaan Services article.

Promoting my new West Nile Disease Article

Naturally my article about avoiding West Nile disease also receives publicity in my Xanga blog ("Obvious Advice on West Nile Virus").

"Revisit and Revive" is the Writing Tip

Today's writing tip is to revisit and revive past articles when the topic returns to the news.

Mosquitos transmit the West Nile virus between people and birds; this has been known for some time.

However, it returned to the news in the summer of 2012. It's worth a "public service announcement" in my DeHaan Services blog to remind people of what to do.

Should I write a new version of the original article? No. Its information was still true from a health standpoint; the only difference would be the exact dates and locations for new outbreaks.

Here is another example of an update. In November 2011, I had just "finished" a series of articles for Suite 101 about Mennonites. The series included one article about how the Amish had broken away from the Mennonite denomination.

Then several news item spurred "The Compassionate Amish Response to Two Incidents of Violence". Just today, nine months after those incidents, one of the cases is coming to trial. I quickly added a paragraph with a link to the news item, and added a brief promotional note in my social media on Facebook and Google+.

I took a similar approach to revising "How to Find Toronto Buskerfest 2011" for the 2012 Toronto festival of street performances. I added a paragraph with the new dates, and included it in both my "Lens of Annual Toronto Events" and in "Toronto Ashkenaz Festival 2012 at Harbourfront or BuskerFest?".

The final part of this writing tip is that promoting too many revised artcles in one blog post might be counter-productive. I will heed my own warning by closing here.

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