I wrote my latest article in Decoded Science, "Comparing the Genetic Code of DNA to Binary Code", in response to a question posed by another Dec.Sci. writer in our Facebook forum.
The Genetic Code from DNA to RNA to Amino Acids Copyright image by Mike DeHaan, all rights reserved.
My background in computer science and mathematics made the "code" part easy. I had to find some serious reference materials to answer "what is DNA?", and to describe the genetic code and its importance for DNA testing.

As always, I promoted the Decoded Science article in my DeHaan Services blog. "Is the Genetic Code just another Binary Code like ASCII?" does not add much to the discussion, unfortunately.

Research this one Writing Tip

This may be a new writing tip within this blog, although I hope that it's not a surprise if you read my Decoded Science articles.

The writing tip is: do the necessary research, and don't be afraid to pursue it.

Yes, I had already picked up enough background about the genetic code to recognize what I needed. But I needed solid references to DNA testing and genetic sequencing. I did find them, mainly because I limited my online searches to site:.gov and then to specific sites within the US government's health and sciences branches.

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