Today I'm promoting my latest DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control article, "Corn May Be an American Dietary Nightmare".

It was inspired by an infographic called "Big Bad Corn" that its creator, LearnStuff, asked me to share.

"Coca-Cola and Effect Energy Drink" image by by tskdesign
Taking the weight control and fitness angle, I put the emphasis on high fructose corn syrup, or HFCS.

Their infographic raises other concerns as well, largely tied to the way agriculture and industry in the USA grow and promote corn products. These products range from HFCS as the sweetener in energy drinks and soda pop, to ethanol as a biofuel.

Publicity for my Corn Nightmare Article

Both my DeHaan Services ("Borrowing Trouble from High Fructose Corn Syrup") and Xanga ("Another Warning about High Fructose Corn Syrup") blogs publicize my Corn Nightmare article.

One Diet-Conscious Writing Tip

I may have dealt with this writing tip before, but it's very appropriate here.

Sometimes people are kind enough to offer material for your blog or website. How might you respond?

If your goal is solely to present yourself and your views, then there's no sense in diluting your message.

However, most of us don't mind cooperating with like-minded fellow travellers. Both you and your contributor will get some publicity, page views or promotions out of the arrangement.

When I accept an infographic, it's only after checking that the information makes sense and fits with my views and my site.

My second action is to add something. It's always possible that the infographic will be featured on other sites as well. I have a responsibility to my readers to provide some extra value as a reward for visiting my site.

In this case, I put the emphasis on the health and weight considerations. Were I writing a blog on economics, I might have put my focus on the American agricultural subsidies for corn. I would have addressed environmental concerns about corn as a feedstock for ethanol as a biofuel in a different setting.

So my writing tip is to take it as a compliment when someone asks you to promote their work. If it is indeed suitable for your site, add some text as introduction or conclusion, and publish away.

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