My DeHaan Services blog entry today is "Autumn Insect Articles Recap for 2011".

Three Insect Pests for the Fall of 2011

"Bed Bug on Skin" by JLplusAL
Autumn brings its own set of insects to bedevil us. I took this opportunity to remind readers that I had written various articles about head lice (always popular as school opens), stink bugs (who want to move in with you for the winter), and bedbugs (a threat all year long).

See my blog entry for links to those articles in Environmental Graffiti and Suite 101.

Writing Tips

Today's writing tip truly arrived last night while working on a totally different article. However, for once the contents of the article is not relevant. The situation is important.

After a busy and physically-active couple of days, while writing an article on a subject I knew well, I began to do some proof-reading. I had completely swapped the names of some important people! I gave up and went to sleep shortly after noting the kinds of corrections that were outstanding.

The writing tip is to write when well-rested; to proof-read carefully; and to recognize the signs of fatigue and impairment before you send drivel to your editor.

9/11/2013 10:47:32 pm

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