My latest Environmental Graffiti article is "How Some Thrips are Destructive While Others Help Control Insect Pests".

"Thrips", both singular and plural, refers to a whole slew of tiny insects.

"One Yellow Thrips Nymph (Thysanoptera)" image by Mick E. Talbot - Very, very busy..!!
You have to love the photographer's "Flickr" name.

Different types of thrips have very different appetites. My article explains more about them.

Promoting my Article about Thrips

As always, DeHaan Services ("Promoting or Demoting Thrips") and my Xanga blog ("Love and Loathing for Thrips") also publicize my Environmental Graffiti article about the thrips.

Writing Tip Regarding Thrips

This new writing tip actually answers "Why bother promoting your online article in other blogs"?

There are two reasons for cross-promoting your articles.

First, the search engines notices that your article has inbound links. This gives your article a slightly higher ranking, compared to web pages that no-one else has referenced. Admittedly, it may not count for much if your blogs don't rank highly themselves; but it should not hurt too much.

Second, you might reach new readers for the article because they follow your blog. Possiby they found your blog when searching for the topic, instead of finding the main article.

Those are the effects I'm hoping for by publicizing my article about the thrips.

By the way, you writers may have noticed that all the article titles imply the ambiguity about thrips, because some are beneficial, others are neutral in certain settings, but we tend to focus on the thrips as insect pests.

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