As a public service announcement, today DeHaan Services published "Effective Head Lice Treatment for Back to School Children".

"Male human head louse, Pediculus humanus capitis" image by Gilles San Martin
Pediculosis, or "head lice infestation", is an annual problem noticed when children return to primary school. My article summarizes the usual treatment, provides some other advice, and links back to my much older article "Itching to Get Rid of Head Lice" in Suite 101 as well as to some more definitative online resources.

Promoting my Head Lice Treatment Article

My Xanga blog ("How to Kill Head Lice in 2012") also promotes my article on how to treat head lice infestations.

A Writing Tip Worthy of Killing Head Lice

This is actually a double writing tip. It applies equally to any annual or repeating topics, whether a health issue such as pediculosis at the start of a school year or to annual Toronto events. (Why do I mention "annual events in Toronto"? See my "DeHaan Lens of Annual Toronto Events" in Squidoo!).

Assume you had covered a topic that deserves a re-visit. You have two choices:

  1. Publicize the previous article.
  2. Write and promote a new article.

It's fine to publicize the old article. Also, with any luck and justice in the online world, search engines will lead readers to find it.

If the old article needs an update, then you need to do that if it is possible. Suite 101 currently permits writers to polish or correct old articles quite freely; some sites do not.

Whether for altruistic or selfish reasons, if you need to write a new article, it's important to avoid copying much of your previous work. First, it's plagiarism (even from yourself!) if the articles are published on different sites. Secondly, the search engines may notice the similarities and conclude that one or both are copies or "spun" (spin-off) articles.

Avoid the penalties by writing something new and valuable by iteslf, but also referencing your old article to fill out details. That's not guaranteed to win everyone's hearts, but helps to serve readers at one or the other site.

Try to optimize keywords differently between the two articles. This is your chance to garner extra readers.

Finally, I put the greatest emphasis on providing value in each article. That's especially true for someone in a hurry to learn how to kill head lice.

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