Along with warmer weather and "springing ahead" to Daylight Savings Time, one sign of the changing season is a shift in statistics at Suite 101. Readers begin to find my older insect articles as they search the Internet for information.

As a public service, therefore, allow me to present some of these articles oriented to springtime. (My apologies to Australia, South America and parts of Africa and Asia: you're heading into autumn).

The final paragraph is a writing tip, since it's become a standard feature of this blog.

Revealing the Earwig

Earwig image by Siga
Hosted at Environmental Graffiti, "The Secret Life of the Earwig" reveals an insect that lives in gardens but can invade our homes.

Meanwhile, "The Earwig: A Best Friend To The Garden Or A Health Hazard?" lurks in Suite 101.

Entertaining Social Wasps

Social wasps also deserve at least two articles."Convincing Social Wasps To Leave The Party" has some advice on how to encourage these insects to stay away from your garden party.

"How Can a Worker Wasp Become a Queen? By Face and Fight" follows my gee-whiz-how-interesting approach to articles about Nature. Unlike honeybees, wasps do not hatch with the instant destiny of worker or queen status.

Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is difficult to diagnose; prevention is always the preferred option. "How Deer Ticks Spread Lyme Disease", as well as "Defeating Lyme Disease Transmitted by Deer Ticks", provide answers that can save people from a significant problem.

Mosquitos and West Nile Virus

Sometime in spring or summer, many of us will experience the bite of a mosquito. This is almost always a mere nuisance. However, "The West Nile Virus Triangle: Mosquitos, Crows and People" explains why and how we should protect ourselves.

Tamarisk Leaf Beetles on Our Side

"The Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Battles Salt Cedars in the American West" brings us back to an insect that actually is ecologically helpful. It's a pleasant surprise after the gloom and despair about diseases carried by insects!

Writing Tip

Today's writing tip is pretty obvious.

Some older online articles deserve to be publicized from time to time. Some topics in "Nature" arise every year because of the changing seasons. Income tax advice, or holiday suggestions, revolve around human customs. If your articles deserve to be noticed annually, remind your readers.

This approach also reminds the search engines.

Thanks for re-reading my springtime insect articles.
7/23/2012 05:35:00 am

This post somehow made me sing: in the summertime sun is shining away..


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