Picture"Sky Diver Parachute Jumping" : Image by Horia Varlan
My latest Decoded Science article, "Risk Assessment for Skydiving versus Grocery Shopping", is a direct response to a reader's question.

Decoded Science offers a service called "Ask the Expert" so people can request answers on any topic of their choice. All the articles written in response are included in a category of that same name.

While I'm not an expert on safety, whether for parachute jumping or buying groceries, I do know how to dig out statistics and make a case for one probability to be higher or lower than another.

In essence, the "Ask the Expert" feature asks readers the question, "What topic do you want us to cover? What question do you want us to answer"?

A Canadian Connection for Risks in Grocery Shopping

My shamelessly self-promoting blog article in DeHaan Services, "How Canadians Might Risk Skydiving versus Buying Groceries", runs a similar calculation using some made-in-Canada statistics.

The really remarkable comparison is the overall rate of accidental deaths between the two countries!

One Writing Tip: Ask Questions to Drive Engagement

One important metric for the success of an online magazine or blog is "reader engagement". Do your readers ask questions or leave comments? Those people are "engaged".

Advertisers favour sites and pages with engaged readers, because it's clear that those people care about the contents.

As well, engaged readers are likely to return to the site and read the next article. They may even return to see whether their questions or comments have elicited replies.

So ask questions in your articles. Go beyond "agree or disagree" polls; try "what next" or "could you do better"?

What other generic questions should you use to engage your readers?

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