Here are the articles I've written about seven insects that could invade your home...and you want to get rid of them! In alphabetical order:
  • Bedbugs
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Earwigs
  • Head Lice
  • Stink Bugs
  • Termites
  • Wasps
You should think about hiring a professional exterminator to handle some of these, like bedbugs. Home head lice kits or the components are available and effective. Depending on your jurisdiction, insecticides may be appropriate...but read my articles, get local advice, and solemnly vow to read and follow the directions carefully.

The first article I wrote on this topic was a "list of five", and does not have all the detail one would want. "5 Disgusting Bugs That Could Invade Your Home" discusses these potential invaders: Bedbugs; Carpenter Ants; Head Lice; Termites; and Wasps.

Bedbugs, the Tough Customer

"Adult Bed Bug" by Piotr Naskrecki for CDC via Harvard University
Bedbugs deserve a lot of attention. They are hard to eradicate, but are not known to transmit diseases to humans. Look for the following articles:

"How to Fight an Infestation of Bed Bugs" has advice.

"Bedbugs - Symptoms, Signs and Solving the Problem" has more advice.

"A Quick Guide for the Paranoid Traveler on How to Avoid Bed Bugs" is aimed at people traveling on vacation or for business, but includes some tips for the return home.

Carpenter Ants are Destructive

"Carpenter Ant" by Richard Bartz, Munich (Makro Freak)
Carpenter ants chew up the wood inside your home, doing structural damage.

"How to Avoid Hiring Carpenter Ants" really deals with recognizing and eradicating them

Earwigs Should Stay Outdoors

"Lesser Earwig on a Leaf" by Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,
Earwigs are fine and dandy in the great outdoors. If they do live in your home, they will be in dark, damp places.

"The Earwig: A Best Friend to the Garden or a Health Hazard?" describes their dual nature and has some tips.

"The Secret Life of the Earwig" has more background on these insects, although my original title did include the word "pest".

Are Head Lice Scholarly?

"Male human head louse" by Gilles San Martin
Although head lice are not "scholarly", they do earn headlines at the start of every school year.

"Itching to Get Rid of Head Lice" has my advice.

Stink Bugs are Shield Bugs

"Stink bug on mandarin" by aussiegall
Stink bugs usually invade homes in the autumn, to seek shelter for the winter. That's when most people notice them. Like earwigs, they are fine in the garden.

"The Stink Bug Inside and Out" describes them, and points out their "indoor pest" qualities.

"Stink Bugs or Shield Bug, Please Eliminate This Insect Pest!" takes a stern approach.

I was amazed at the passion people expressed about trying to remove shield bugs from their homes.

Termites, the Unsung Villains

"Termite on Wood Bark" by Aaronyx
More accurately, the only article I've written about termites is the first one...the list of five pests.

If I ever feature them in an article, I should remember to update this blog entry.

Wasps who may Invade

"Wasp Hymenoptera" by kevinzim
Generally wasps build their nests outdoors, but some may invade your home.

"Convincing Social Wasps to Leave the Party" is the best article I've written to deal with removing wasps from your domain. However, it has more to say about outdoor parties.

"How a Social Wasp Queen Can Fight to become the Leader" and "How Can a Worker Wasp Become a Queen? By Face and Fight" tell the same story from different perspectives. There was a fascinating report on this in a science journal, so I dug deeper and produced these explanations.

1/5/2015 09:02:09 pm

The first article I wrote on this topic was a "list of five", and does not have all the detail one would want.


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