My latest Decoded Science article, "The Universal Turing Machine is a Turing Machine Emulator", explains how this mathematical "construction" works.

"Escher Drawing Hands like Mutual Universal Turing Machines" image photographed by rrenzoo
Although this was not my choice for the article's "featured" image, in retrospect I appreciate the editor's choice. This allows me to ask "What does Escher's drawing have to do with Universal Turing machines"?

My article answers that question, naturally.

Promoting my "Universal Turing Machine" Article

As always, I also publicize my articles in DeHaan Services ("The Universal Turing Machine is an Emulator") and in my Xanga blog ("A Universal Turing Machine is Math, not Astronomy").

Writing Tip

Today's writing tip may seem recycled, but that's almost exactly (but not quite!) what it is.

Rather than trying to cover absolutely new themes in every article or blog post, develop a series about one theme or concept.

Do ensure that there is enough material for two, three or  more articles.
Do your research early and separate the rough notes into a logical sequence.
Then go for it! Regular readers should appreciate getting more detail than could be covered in one large article.
By inter-linking your articles, you can help new readers find the first article regardless of where they started.

I used this approach for Mennonites in Suite 101, and obviously am pursuing it for Turing machines in Decoded Science.

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