Picture"Major US Shooting Incidents by Date" : Image by Mike DeHaan.
Welcome to this Preview article, in which I establish a copyright to images that I personally created.

I'm publicizing my upcoming Decoded Science article, "Trending Statistics for Major Fatal US Shootings", for which I created these images. (Now published!)

Picture"Fatal US Shooting Incidents Graphed by Date" : Image by Mike DeHaan
To establish copyright for a picture or diagram, I simply publish that image in a blog that I control, before sending it to another site to illustrate an online article.

Picture"Days Between Major Fatal US Shooting Incidents" : Image by Mike DeHaan
After that, I return here to publicize that article and add a writing tip.

I also publicize my article in DeHaan Services, and often add a Canadian note for my fellow citizens. Unfortunately "Statistical Trends on Major Shootings in the US and Canada" is still a bit of a work in progress; no-one has spoon-fed me a report on Canadian shootings.

Take a Writing Tip from your Editor

This is such a simple writing tip, that I can't believe I haven't mentioned it before.

I wrote the article because my editor at Decoded Science pointed out the topic and some references.

Remember that editors rise to their positions by virtue of having an instinct for readers' interests and worthwhile topics, as well as a professional ability to reduce cluttered prose. So take their suggestions seriously!

Thanks for reading about how I came to write about the statistics of major fatal shootings in the US.

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