"Height of an Equilateral Triangle" : Image by Mike DeHaan
Once again I'm protecting my copyright to original artwork before my next Decoded Science article, "Estimating Whether No Two Snowflakes are Alike", becomes available.

Unfortunately, that means I cannot simply save the draft copy. The point is that these images must be publicly available.

"Mathematical Notation for Exponents and Triangular Area" : Image by Mike DeHaan
Since it was published pretty quickly, it's now a moot point.

So go read my article already. The photographs of snowflakes are incredibly prettier than my artwork; and I actually deal with the reader's question.

Publicity for my "Similar Snowflake" Article

Several days after publication, I finally extolled the virtues of my article in DeHaan Services ("No Two Snowflakes are Alike in Myth and Math") and in my Xanga blog ("Hunting for Identical Snowflakes").

As I type this, I have less than two hours left of Christmas Eve, so the rest of the publicity will just have to wait. Having been fully busy on Christmas Day, I then wrote and publicized my next DeHaan Fitness article ("Resolve to Lose Weight with More Sleep in the New Year") on Boxing Day.

I'd hoped to finish the publicity on Dec. 27th.; instead it was completed on the 28th.

One "Cool" Writing Tip for Snowflakes

This writing tip was also delayed; my apologies.

Actually it's an observation from Victoria Nicks, founder of Decoded Science.

Gather meaningful and relevant topics by inviting requests from your readers.

With "engagement" being the watchword, simply ask your readers to pose questions or to suggest topics.

This works especially well if you reply by e-mail to your reader once you've posted the answer in a new article.

Also be sure to publicize your willingness and ability to tackle the questions.

If you can't give a good answer, at least get back and let them know that.

This was at least my second "Expert" article. Certainly for this question, I had to "dig" deep to learn more about snowflakes (and visual resolution!) to supply a framework to determine how likely it is that two snowflakes have ever been alike.

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