My next article for Decoded Science is "Repercussions from the Richard Paradox".

I'm fascinated by the fact that mathematics can lead to paradoxes and impossible situations. After all, we tried to define simple axioms in order to build consistent and reliable mathematical structures. Then we create paradoxes.

Why did this blog post start as a preview? Prior to publication in another person's web site, I want to lay claim to the copyright for any new image that I made for that article.

"For All x, the Function of x" by Mike DeHaan
Voila: my claim to this magnificent art. Note that I added a border so it does not fade into the surrounding white space.

I was disappointed that the inverted-A "for all" symbol was not copied properly from my Word document into my Paint program. It became a question mark. So much for believing that highlighting the section and pressing <PrtScn> would send a pure image to the Clipboard, to be pasted into Paint.

Self Promotion for the Richard Paradox

As always, I also publicize my article in DeHaan Services ("The Richard Paradox at Decoded Science") and in my Xanga blog ("The Paradox of Richardian Numbers").

Writing Tip

It's important to have images in online articles.

The writing tip is: when no-one can take a suitable photograph, consider making an image yourself.

If you lack artistic talent, standard computer programs such as word processors, spreadsheets and presentation tools may have appropriate elements that you can manipulate to produce a graphic.

By the way: my article was just crying out for a picture of mathematician Jules Richard, but the only image I could find was almost certainly under copyright. Rather than ask permission, I simply added a link to their site in my main article. The bonus writing tip is to follow the rules and respect copyright.

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