This article was written before "The Square Root of Two is a Real Irrational Number" was published at Decoded Science. As of Sept. 19, 2011, it is available for your reading pleasure.

I also publicized it in my DeHaan Services blog: see "Greek Tragedy or Geek Irony from the Square Root of Two".

Many of my math articles for Decoded Science include images that I create with Microsoft software. In fact, for any of my articles for sites which I do not control, if I make an image or take the photograph, then I publish them here first.

The idea is to prove that I created the image and have copyright.

The Square Root Image

"Isosceles Right Triangle" by Mike DeHaan
This is a deceptively simple image.

Regular readers of my Math articles may notice that I have begun to put a border into the image. These days, I try to remember to do it in Microsoft Excel. Simply adding colour to unused cells in the spreadsheet, and cropping wisely, gives the image its own frame.

Writing Tip for Online Images

As usual, here is a writing tip especially aimed at online articles.

Although some well-framed photographic images essentially provide their own "picture frame", images that you create probably need their own. This is especially true if the web site has a bland background, such as the white currently used by Decoded Science.

In a program such as Microsoft Paint, you can draw a straight line along the borders, then fill each edge with a colour. The process is simple but takes a bit of time and fuss.

With a program such as Microsoft Excel, you can set a background colour in blank cells bordering your active work. Note the solid green in the image above. I set other cells to a light grey behind the graph. That makes a quiet contrast to the graph's white background.

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