Since I prepared a couple of images for my recently published Decoded Science article, "Introducing the Factorial, the Exclamation Mark of Math", I need to lay claim to the copyright by publishing them here first.
"N Factorial from 1 to 5 or 10" image by Mike DeHaan
This first picture is an Excel spreadsheet graph of the first five factorials. Note how the "n!" column inflates very, very quickly.

"Choose K of N" image by Mike DeHaan
It's difficult to insert the large "Choose" brackets, or even a division line, into an online article about mathematics.

Further Publicity for my Math Factorial Article

I continue to follow my tradition of publicizing my articles in DeHaan Services ("Factorials Add the Exclamation Point to Math") and in my Xanga blog ("Math's Exclamation Point, the Factorial").

A Writing Tip from the Factorial Article

Usually I compose my writing tip after completing the article.

For the moment, I'm going to experiment with something that I learned for my previous Decoded Science article, "Introducing Math Symbols for Union and Intersection".

A Windows PC, in my case running Vista, has a program called "Character Map".

Can I insert a capital Gamma between these brackets, (G), using the Character Map? No, Weebly translated it into an upper-case 'G'.

However, I succeeded here (Γ) by copy-and-pasting from a Wordpress editor, using the "insert custom character" tool.

I might get away with it using a different drop-down module.

The writing tip is to use a variety of tools and platforms to accomplish your writing goal.
This is a custom HTML form. Let's see whether I can paste the Gamma here: (Γ). Yes, but only by copying from a Wordpress article as in the previous paragraph.

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