Picture"Pythagorean Dates in 2013" : image by Mike DeHaan
This previews "How to Find Pythagorean Dates for Any Year", my recent article for Decoded Science.

Picture"Pythagorean Dates in 2005" : image by Mike DeHaan
I completed this post after the Decoded Science article was published.

Picture"5-12-13 Right Angle Triangle via Microsoft Mathematics Triangle Solver" : image by Mike DeHaan
The reason for publishing the images here before Decoded Science is to establish my copyright for them.

As always, I've also publicized this article in my DeHaan Services blog, where "Publicity for Pythagorean Dates" adds a note about a Canadian view of the importance of the Pythagorean Theorem.

One Triangular Writing Tip

Let's use the literary conceit of a triangular writing tip to go along with Pythagoras and triangles.

Three ideas came together for my Decoded Science article.

First, I noticed an article celebrating May 12, '13 as a Pythagorean date. That formed the base for the article: to say something interesting about the mathematics of Pythagorean triples as applied to dates.

Second, I needed to add something of value for my readers. My first insight was that Dec. 5 would also be a Pythagorean date. The second idea of value was the answer to "How could I easily find Pythagorean dates for any year"?

Even after developing that process, the article still seemed a bit short. I suggested an alternative approach to finding Pythagorean dates to fill out my article.

Today's triangular writing tip is to use a similar approach for many, but not all, your articles.

  1. Start from one concept. It might be one example. Or you might state one specific problem that you will solve in step 2.
  2. Expand that first concept, or solve the one basic problem. Show your reader how to use the idea in more general ways, or to apply it to similar but different problems.
  3. Conclude with a challenge to find a completely new approach, if your readers like to engage with that kind of suggestion. Otherwise conclude with a summary of the problem and solution.
Of course, the only practical use for Pythagorean dates is to one-up the people who wear "Pi Day" T-shirts. When they greet you with "Happy Pi Day", just say "Let's do pizza on the next Pythagorean date...that should be Dec. 5, 2013".

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