The Completed Preview of Math Launching a Bus

I've published some new images here, to establish copyright before they live in my new Decoded Science article, "Math can Launch One Bus with Speed minus Gravity".
"Speed and Distance in Freefall" : image by Mike DeHaan

Here is the preview of the two new images I created.

"Launch Vertical versus Horizontal Distance" : image by Mike DeHaan
As usual, this adds to my claim of copyright to the images I've created.

Further Publicity for my Decoded Science Article

I also publicized my article in two other sites. DeHaan Services has "Math, Gravity and the Bus from the Speed Movie" and my Xanga blog ("How Far Might the Bus from 'Speed' Fly?").

One Writing Tip to be written

As always, my Blog of Writing will include a writing tip based on writing my recent article.

One Technical Writing Tip for Math Articles

"How to Add a Scatter Graph" : image by Mike DeHaan
Today's writing tip explains the basics of how I added the scatter graph to the spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel on a Windows PC.

  • Add the data (Time, Horizontal, Vertical, etc.) to the spreadsheet.
  • Highlight the section of data that you want to graph. In this case, the numbers for Horizontal and Vertical.
  • Click the "Insert" drop-down menu, select "Scatter, and select the "...with Smooth Lines and Markers" choice. This is shown in the above image.
  • Once the basic chart is in place, it's ready to be dragged into position, stretched, or given titles.
You could hold the "Ctrl" key and click for different columns, such as "Time" plus "Horizontal".

Some of my previous writing tips have stated how easy and useful it can be to include an image from a spreadsheet. The scatter graph is a particularly nice visual aid. Since my "bus launch" article deals with gravity, I really wanted an image of a parabolic curve. I had to include a picture of the spreadsheet's data for the math, so Excel provided a quick and easy parabola for my article.

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