This article promotes my Decoded Science article, "How to Convert the Base of an Exponent with Logarithms"
"Logarithm in base b of b to the power x" : Image by Mike DeHaan
While drafting an article for Decoded Science, I've created several images to illustrate the text.

"Logarithm in base b converts to a Natural Logarithm" : Image by Mike DeHaan
From my point of view, these images preview the contents of that article.

"Natural Logarithm as a Definite Integral" : Image by Mike DeHaan
However, I shall attempt to preserve some mystery by not explaining the images yet.

"The number e as a Sum to Infinity" : Image by Mike DeHaan
Naturally, I would not give away the secrets yet to be revealed in my future article.

Further Publicity for my Exponents Article

Once it is published, I plan to publicize my article in my DeHaan Services ("Converting Exponent Bases using Logarithms") and Xanga ("Base, Exponent and Logarithm in Decoded Science") blogs.

One Exponentially Growing Writing Tip

Mathematicians will appreciate that this does not actually grow exponentially, but this solitary writing tip will be revealed once the main article is published.

The tip does, however, relate to establishing my ownership over the images that I've created and published here.

As I've said in previous writing tips, it's easy for other web sites to use images without the original creator's permission or consent.

No matter how unlikely it is that someone would misappropriate my hand-crafted pictures, it still seems prudent to establish ownership by being the first to publish them online.

The real difficulty is not that the image is intrinsically valuable, but rather that a third party might suspect plagiarism.

By publishing my images for my "Base, Exponent and Logarithm" article here first, under my own name, I've pretty much established original use. That's the writing tip.

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