Picture"Allocation Preferences Example 1" : Image by Mike DeHaan
All my "Preview..." articles feature my original images that will appear in a future article in an online site which I don't own or control.

Picture"Allocation Results Example 1" : Image by Mike DeHaan
Today I'm about to send an article to Decoded Science. (Update): "How to Divide Indivisible Goods Fairly: Algorithm for Dividing Assets" was published Feb. 23, 2014.

Picture"Allocation Preferences Example 2" : Image by Mike DeHaan
(Updated): On Feb. 23, I updated this blog post with the link to my published article.

The point to writing an incomplete preview article is to publish my original images in one of my own web sites before they appear elsewhere. That establishes my copyright.

(Added Feb. 24, 2014): I've also written a promotional blog post in DeHaan Services. "How to Avoid Envy when Dividing the Spoils" adds some Canadian content because I'd interviewed one of the contributing authors, a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Picture"Allocation Results Example 2" : Image by Mike DeHaan
Now that the main article is published, I've added a writing tip to this blog post.

One Writing Tip on Useful Images

(Updated): Today's writing tip is a guide to adding useful images to an online article.

The basics:
  • Always have at least one image.
  • Always follow the terms of use for images that you use from elsewhere.
  • At least the first image should be eye-catching and creative.
  • The images must contribute to the message or meaning of the article.
The above images that I made for my "How to divide..." article help explain the contents. But they aren't eye-catching, or especially creative.

Since I couldn't find what I wanted as the lead image, I asked my editor for help. I loved the image that was added to the article. It fit with the contents, but I would never have thought of it... or anything like it.

So this writing tip is to be sure to illustrate your articles with at least one terrific image. Use the images to explain your message.

Thanks for reading about dividing indivisible goods.

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