"Map of Asperen, the Netherlands" image by Mike DeHaan from Google Maps
Now that Suite 101 is being re-born, it seems appropriate to write about the famous re-baptized martyr, Dirk Willemsz.

"The Death of the Mennonite Martyr, Dirk Willemsz" has an extremely brief biography. Most of what is known about Willemsz, is known about his re-capture and martyrdom.

I decided to include a map for the village of Asperen, where Willemsz lived and died.

I always display my original art here prior to an article being published at a third-party site. This helps to establish my copyright for that image.

One Writing Tip for a Martyr

You will have to judge whether I succeeded, but my writing tip for writing about a martyr is to help the reader understand the motives that a person may have for choosing to suffer and die, rather than live.

This would be a foreign concept for most of us, and we may be fascinated or repulsed. We might never consider that this would be a choice. I'm reminded of Admiral Kirk being asked to join the prisoners' club when jailed on the Klingon penal colony. "He wants your loyalty to...". "He's got it".

The general writing tip is to lead your reader to feel an emotion through empathy for the main character.

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