"Specific Cross Multiplication Example" : image by Mike DeHaan
Once again I'm wrote a preview of images that I created for an article at Decoded Science.

Now that "Cross Multiply to Solve Equations with Fractions" article is finished, so is this promotional page, which really had to be published to the Web first for copyright purposes.

I'm developing a series of "easy how-to do math" articles there.

"Cross Multiply Fractions in General" : image by Mike DeHaan
I create the preview in a blog that I control, in order to establish copyright for my original artwork.

"Simplest Cross Multiplication of Fractions" : image by Mike DeHaan
While there's no concern that the other site would even consider misappropriating my work, it's just good practice to publish under one's own name first.

You could accomplish the same goal by publishing photographs or other visual art on an appropriate image library site. I use Flickr, for example, but only images that are labelled as "Creative Commons free for commercial use with attribution, and that do not use Getty for licensing.

I've got nothing against the Getty process, but it's an extra step that I avoid just to keep things simple.

A Fraction of a Writing Tip

My writing tip is to enlist a good editor to improve your writing.

One of the Decoded Science editors suggested a change to my style of writing equations. I'd written a derivation using bullet points. This list format keeps the equations tidy, but they suffer from close vertical spacing.

  • c/d = a/X
  • Cross-multiply both sides by (X*d/c).
  • (c/d) * (X*d/c) = (a/X) * (X*d/c)
The alternative was to indent each equation as its own paragraph. This allowed the sentences to flow, and also improved the legibility.

I had never noticed the indent function in the WordPress editor.

"Replacing a simple list by indented paragraphs when showing how to solve equations" is just one way that an editor can help improve your articles.

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